Price Lists

**Prices may vary when you choose sameday delivery.

Clothing Prices

2pc Trouser Suit£10.502pc Skirt Suit£10.50
3pc Suit£13.50Evening Suit£13.50
Linen Suit£11.99Linen Trousers £6.99
Jacket£7.50Puffa JacketFrom £14.99
Coat (Short)£9.99Coat (Medium)£13.99
Coat (Long)£18.99Trousers£6.50
Settle Cover£9.90 EachCushion Covers£7.75 (Pair)
Blanket£12.99Jacket(Ski or Heavy)£14.99
MackFrom £12.99Bedspread£18.99
Skirt (Plain)£5.99Skirt (flat pleats)£7.99
Jumper (light)£5.99Jumper (Heavy)£6.99
Blouse or Silk Shirt£4.99Tie£3.99
Shirt (Plain/Cotton)£4.99Shawl£4.99
Skirt Sunray (Pleats)£10.99Waistcoat£4.99
Dress Suit£14.99


Curtains£4.99 (per sq/yd)Chair Cover£7.90(per pair)


Dressing Gown£9.99Wedding DressFrom £75
Dress (Flat Pleats)From £12.99Dress (Short)£9.99
Dress (Medium)£13.99Dress (Long)£18.99
Fancy Long Dress£22.50Proms Dress£25

Childrens Clothing

Child Coat (Short)£5.99Child Coat (Long)£7.49
Child Jacket£7.49Child Dress (Plain)£5.99
Child Dress(Fancy)£8.99Child Trousers£4.99
Child Suit£6.99Child Jumper £4.49
Fancy Dress£4.49Childs Short Trousers£3.49

Wash'N' Dry

Standard Wash'N'Dry (upto 7kg)£10.99
Medium Wash'N'Dry (upto 10kg)£12.99
Large Wash'N'Dry (upto 16kg)From £15.99


King Size£14.99

Duck Feather Quilts

Blanketsfrom £10.00
Throwsfrom £15.00
Sleeping Bagsfrom £15.00
Duck Feather QuiltsFrom £20.00

Ironing will be charged by per item

Large£1.20Single Quilt Covers£2.50
Double Quilt Covers£3.00King Size£4.00
Super King Size£5.00Pillowcases£0.50
Flat Sheets£1.50Fitted Sheets£2.00
Single Sets£3.00Double Sets£4.00
King Size Sets£5.00Super King Sets£6.00


Shortening Plain Bottoms£10.00Shortening Turn Up Bottoms£12.00
Shortening With Tape£12.00Waist Let Out&Take InFrom £12.99
Tapering side£20.00Replace New ZipFrom £12.00
x2 New Pocket£16.00Trousers shortening plain bottom£10.00
Shorten With Tapes£11.95Waist Altered £12.95
Taper all Legs£24.001/2 Pockets£10.00


Shortening £10.00Take In Waist£20.00
Tapering Side £20.00New Zip£12.00
New Pocket x2£16.00

Suit Jackets

Sleeves Shortening From £15.00- £20.00Sleeves (Longer)£16.00
Take in Sides(Tapering)£26.00Shortening Length £28.00
Take Shoulder in...£28.00

Long Coats

Sleeves Shortening From £15.00- £20.00Sleeves (Longer)£16.00
Take in Sides(Tapering)£26.00Shortening Length £28.00
Take Shoulder in...£28.00


Waste Take in£15.00Take in sides...£13.00
Shortening Lengths £12.00Shortening Length with lining£15.00
New Zip£12.00

Shirts &T-Shirts

Sleeves Shortening £10.00Length Shortening£12.00
Take in sides(Tapering)£15.00


Length Shortening £12.00Length Shortening with Lining£16.00
Shoulder take in£16.00

Leather Jackets

Sleeves Shortening £22.00Shortening Length£27.00
New Zip(Long)£35.00Relining &Pocket£45.00

Leather Trousers

Shortening Length£16.00-£18.00New Zips £23.00-£25.00
Left Out Waist take in£30.00Side Take in£36.00


Jeans £12.00Trousers£12.00
Skirts£12.00Invisible Zip£15.00
Anorak Zips up to 22"£15.00Anorak Zips over 22"£20.00

Gents Price List

Build Up Heel£3.50Rubber Heels£7.99
Rubber Heels (quarter inch steels)£11.99Stick on Sole£13.99
Rubber Sole£15.99Rubber Sole/Heel£22.99
Leather Sole£18.99Leather Sole/Heel£27.99
Stitched Leather Sole£6.99Stretch Gents Shoes£3.50
Polish (Black/Dark Brown)£3.50

Ladies Price List

Stiletto Heel(Rubber/Metal)£6.99Rubber Heels(2",3")£7.50 to £7.99
Stick On Sole£10.99Rubber Sole£10.99
Rubber Sole/Heel£15.99Leather Sole£14.99
Leather Sole/Heel£16.99Strech Shoe£3.00
Polish Half Circle(Black/ Brown)